Why Color Harmony?


Paint color selection may seem like a daunting task but it is simple with Color Harmony’s system. Consideration is given to a room’s function, existing and new furnishings, adjacent areas, lighting, and emotional responses to specific colors. Careful attention is paid to the undertones of color to create synergy in your space.

The right paint color will completely transform your environment.  The right color will complement furnishings, and work with natural lighting to create a desired mood.

The goal is to achieve color harmony.

There are literally thousands of colors available for your home but don’t be overwhelmed- Color Harmony will select the perfect colors—the first time.



Diane’s Bio

Diane Golin, principal of Color Harmony, loves color whether it’s an azure blue or an on-trend neutral. Using her wide-ranging visual expertise, Diane develops customized palettes for interiors and exteriors for both residential and work environments. She understands that color can prompt an emotional response that triggers our senses. As a result, Diane regards paint color selection as a vital part of generating synergy in an environment. With her keen abilities to effectively find the right color the first time Diane helps people create personalized spaces that have a positive impact on day-to-day living.

Growing up in an artistic home instilled the importance of harmonious aesthetics. Diane’s father, renowned watercolorist, Irving Shapiro, and her mother, Syril Shapiro Weiss, an accomplished painter and sculptor, both contributed to Diane’s passion for using color to interact with our environments. As an adult, Diane explored her creative talent as a freelance stylist for television production and later as a Producer at Leo Burnett Advertising. There, Diane managed high-end productions for Procter and Gamble, McDonalds, and Kellogg’s among others. For eight years, Diane co-owned an interior design firm where she managed vendor relations, client relations and billing, product ordering and installation. It was there that Diane found her true niche in color consulting.

Diane is an active member of The Auxiliary, a fundraising arm of the Northshore University Healthcare System at Highland Park Hospital, and is president-elect, beginning her term in October 2014. Diane continues to help raise money for the Kellogg Cancer Center at the hospital.


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