Color for All Seasons

Thanksgiving is behind us and December is under way and in my neck of the woods that makes for pretty dreary surroundings. Take into consideration that for many of us winter equals a gray landscape that lasts too many months, it’s no wonder that we crave sunny days and bright skies.


One way to combat the winter doldrums-you guessed it- is with color! That is why whether I am working with a client in December or July I take climate and lighting into consideration. Not that any of us can afford to re-paint every season (who would want to anyway?), but we need to consider how color looks in our environments at different times of the year. Will that dark gray office be ok to work in when it is dark outside at 4:00 in the afternoon? What about the beautiful shade of red in the dining room in the spring? Will it feel inviting or too warm and cozy? Finding the right shade is tricky but I promise it is out there! Let me help you find the colors for your home that you will love all year!

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